10 Must-Try New Bathroom IdeasIf you are planning to design your bathroom and are looking for some inspiration, you don’t have to look very far. There are so many creative things you can do with your bathroom! Here are some of the best out-of-the-box ideas that you can surely use while designing your bathroom space –


     1.Mix up tile sizes

You can make bathroom interior designs interesting by actually mixing bath tile sizes. Lots of bathroom tiles are available in the same design and finish, and you can do this smartly without crowding the bathroom floor too much.


     2.French-inspired oval mirrors

Rectangular mirrors are conventional; everybody has it. You can instead go for French-inspired oval mirror to make it more decorative. It makes the bathroom aesthetically pleasing and interesting, and becomes a focal point for the bathroom.


     3.Round edge vanities

Many bath design companies are choosing to build round edge vanities and they are gaining popularity in recent times. The round edge is a new twist to the boring old rectangular shapes and the edge creates a softer, more modern look for your bathroom.


     4.French-door style shower frames

You can choose these French-door style steel shower enclosures to enhance your bathroom design. Since these steel showers frames are super strong, they also tend to be sleeker and more slender than regular enclosures. They also allow these enclosures to be airy and free-flowing.


     5.Corner sink

Sounds unconventional right? Corner sinks are perfect when you are a bit short on space. There are also smart sinks available that come with storage to keep your bathroom essentials. It works as a solution for when the wall space or floor is compact.


      6.Nautical bathroom

Feel like a sailor out on the sea with a nautical bathroom. With a sharp blue and white colour palette, and warm wood tones, it will remind you of the material used on boats. You can also add a round mirror and install nautical lamps and lighting on either side for finishing touches.


      7.Herringbone floor pattern

You can add some pattern to your bathroom with herringbone flooring. It gives a nice touch to the bathroom floor and makes it look different than the regular styles. You can do this with stone, ceramic, and marble since these materials are splash-resistant.


      8.Ottoman-inspired bathroom

Turkish baths are traditionally known to be one of the best designs in the world. You can use blue and white tile patterns of Morocco and make intricate designs for your bathroom. The Ottoman-inspired details will take you into a distant dreamy world.

      9.Trough-style sink

If you don’t have room for a larger vanity in your bathroom design, then you can go for the trough-style bathroom sink. It is perfect for busy bathrooms where there is also a laundry room and the like.


     10.Furniture-style vanity unit

You can add an element of style to your bathroom by installing furniture-style vanity. You can put up a dresser in the bathroom, to give yourself some extra in-built storage and also make the space look vintage and stunning!


You can really experiment with bathroom interior designs and try out-of-the-box ideas. So these are some new and interesting bathroom design ideas that you must try out!