MARLBORO, NJ – The Marlboro Planning Board granted preliminary and final site approval for a new residential development at a meeting last week. The development is slated to include affordable housing and market-price homes at Route 79 and Stevenson Drive, according to township documents.
Site approval was granted for a commercial part of the same application at a previous board meeting. As a condition of obtaining approval for the residential portion of the application, the applicant, Marlboro Development Group, LLC, must discuss terms of the commercial development within 60 days.

The 13.7-acre lot on Route 79 (located between Buck Lane and Stevenson Drive) is set to be divided into four sub-lots, according to Here is what the applicant proposed as part of the 105-unit development plan:

• A 10.7-acre lot with 18 three-story buildings comprised of 85 market-rate townhouses
• A 1-acre lot with a three-story building containing 20 affordable housing apartments to be retained to households whose income meets a certain threshold
• A 1.1-acre lot with an 8,110-square-foot multi-tenant commercial building
• A 1-acre lot with a 4,000-square-foot commercial building

The Marlboro Development Group application stems from a court order highlighting Marlboro’s unresolved affordable housing obligation, according to officials.

Previous discussions surrounding the complex indicated that the 85 townhouses would have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage and that there would be four one-bedroom apartments, four two-bedroom apartments and 12 three-bedroom apartments.

Mayor Jon Hornik asked at a previous meeting for a traffic light to be constructed at the intersection of Route 79 and Stevenson Drive: the applicant has since agreed to install and pay for the traffic signal.
A motion to grant approval to the application was passed in a 5-1 vote.

Read the meeting agenda here.
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