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Regardless of whether you’re decorating a teen’s bedroom or a small dorm room with just enough space for a twin-size bed, there’s no reason to skimp on style. You can still exercise creativity by choosing bold color schemes, graphic wall art, and eye-catching accessories.

Lucky for you, aesthetic room ideas are currently trending on Pinterest. To save you time, we’ve rounded up some of the best aesthetic room images on the platform so you can easily adopt some of the decorating tricks in your own kid’s space. We’re pretty sure any of these decor ideas will make you the cool parent in their eyes.

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Posters Galore

If you have a poster collector on your hands, showcase their best designs right next to their bed.


Subdued Neutrals

A calming bedroom that’s filled with neutrals can benefit from layers of texture, including a rattan pendant and a jute rug.


Cozy Reading Nook

Encourage your teen to read more or adopt a more stylish approach to lounging by topping a saucer chair with playful throw pillows.


School Pride

If your child is proud of their university, go ahead and make it a part of their room’s decor. Hanging a school poster, mural, or oversized blanket is all it takes to pull the room together.


Layer Tapestries

If you’re not a fan of posters, hang a few tapestries for a graphic look.


Lights Over the Bed

Hanging string lights over the bed is an easy way to add a playful touch to a room.


Illuminate Accessories

String lights don’t just work for walls—they’re also great for framing an oversized mirror or highlighting a large plant.


Ceiling Plants

If your room is fairly neutral, consider adding visual interest by hanging greenery from the ceiling.


Lighted Mirror

Lean a large lighted mirror against a wall full of posters for an eye-catching look.


Amp Up Your Headboard

Along with upgrading a basic headboard with string lights, try installing sconces and over-the-bed shelving to display decorative accents.


Display Photos

Photos don’t have to be reserved for frames. Hang your best frameless snaps on the wall directly next to your bed for a fun look.


Go for a Pinboard

Dress up a drab wall with a pinboard, which is perfect for showcasing your favorite photos. Take things up a notch by draping a few string lights right above it.


Portrait Wall

Having a hard time choosing a few photos to showcase on your wall? Make it easy on yourself by opting for a statement-making portrait wall instead.


Feminine Touches

A cable knit throw, black and white photos, and brass accessories can bring elegance to a white room.


Ladder Shelving

Make the most of your space with a ladder shelf that can be used to hold plants, decorative storage containers, and more.


Statement Lighting

A striking light fixture, like a starburst pendant, is ideal for giving a room an instant upgrade.


Colorful Daybed

Play up a room’s relaxed vibe with a daybed that’s dressed up with assortment of graphic throw pillows. Mix patterns, colors, and textures to make even more of an impact.


Floral Accent Wall

Embrace nature–and show off your style—by using floral wallpaper to create an Instagram-worthy accent wall.


Monochrome Look

Obsessed with one color? Use it all over the entire room, from walls to furniture.


Dramatic Hues

Balance an energetic accent wall color with understated neutrals, including shades of beige and white.

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