Monday, November 23

Day: October 14, 2020


Debbie Travis: Bathrooms are hardworking spaces that deserve attention

The bathroom is one of the busiest, hardworking spaces in your home. It’s there for you when you begin and end your day, and how well it looks and functions can have a big impact on your mood. Whether you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning or relaxing in a bath in the evening, this is a room that deserves your attention. It may not be the right time for a complete renovation, but here are a few tips for creating the best bathroom for you right now. Your first priority is to ensure that everything in this room works. Fix or replace anything that is in poor repair, such as dripping taps, a marred or rusty bathtub finish, or damaged floor tiles. Set a budget for your project and include enough for a splurge item or two. Check out the on-trend designs in taps and faucets. ...
Living Rooms

Projected Plans brings renderings to life | News

Brian Porch opened Projected Plans after identifying a need that had yet to be fulfilled in the state.As the owner of Norman Heating and Air Conditioning in Norman, he often works with blueprints of houses when dealing with builders and homeowners. He discovered the concept of projecting blueprints online and realized there was a need for it in Oklahoma.After receiving strong feedback on the idea, Porch began to build the business based on this visual idea, using large projectors to project floor plans and other blueprints on a one-to-one scale. “It’s very visual whenever you’ve got these giant projectors on the ceiling and it’s projecting the floorplan of a whole house on th...
Florist & Decorating

Plants and flowers perfect for decorating during the Fall season

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Home improvement

Google Nest Audio review: A steal at $100

Hardware and setupThat small size was the first thing I noticed when unboxing the Nest Audio. It’s hard to get a sense for how big it is from Google’s promo pics and videos, but it’s less than 7 inches tall and only 3 inches thick. It’s slightly bigger than the original Google Home, and about the same height as the Sonos One, but much thinner (the One is about 4.7 inches thick). That small size means the Nest Audio is easy to tuck away wherever you want, but it also made me question if it could sound as good as Google promised. Like all of Google’s current speakers, it is covered with audio-transparent cloth that comes in five colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Sage, Sand and Sky. (I got the boring but versatile “Chalk” option.) Nest Audio is the first of Google’s speakers that is entirely covered w...