Monday, November 23

Day: October 17, 2020


Kitchen cabinets are costly. Don’t make them trendy

The latest colors and trends are tempting, but a kitchen should be timeless, says Barbara Miller, design director for the Neil Kelly design and remodeling company.It’s expensive to remodel a kitchen, and cabinets can make up 30% of the costs, so make sure you or an owner five to 10 years in the future won’t think the look has gone out of style, she says.A sure-fire solution: White cabinets.Since Neil Kelly started remodeling homes in Portland in 1947, “we have never stopped selling white cabinets,” says Miller, referencing a statement made by owner Tom Kelly, whose father founded the company.She says styles and hardware have changed, but white remains popular in the Pacific Northwest, as does wood-grain.The easiest way to ensure a kitchen has a timeless feel is to match key elements with t...
Living Rooms

What it’s like to be a New York University student living on campus right now, from a mandatory 2-week quarantine in a dorm room to a $100 Grubhub gift card for meals

Akpovwa's quarantine suite is the same room she'll be in all year. She currently does not have a roommate. She says it was hard to tell how full the dorms were with quarantining students in late August, because everyone kept to their rooms.During the two-week quarantine, students were expectd to stay in their individual rooms. They were not allowed to walk around or go outside."Quarantine means not leaving your suite, except for testing. So for food and all that, they have runners that bring up food to the front of your door, three meals a day. If you have packages, they bring up your packages to your room, too," Akpovwa said.Students also had to submit two negative COVID-19 tests before being cleared to attend in-person classes and being allowed to ent...
Florist & Decorating

Shop Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Home Fall Collection for Fall

Drew Barrymore launched a daily talk show last week, but that hasn't stopped the star from keeping her FLOWER Home collection for Walmart at the top of consumers' minds. The stylish furniture and home decor line's fall offerings just dropped on, and as to be expected, every item reflects Barrymore's vibrant, boho aesthetic. And like previous home releases, she turned to everyday wonders to fuel her creative process. “Inspiration comes from everywhere,” Barrymore said in a press release. “Something that you love in life can become something you love in your home. Curate your love of life and live right in it.”From colorful botanical prints to eye-catching abstract patterns, the eclectic FLOWER Home collection for the new season includes peel-and-stick wallpaper designs, plus...