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Day: October 19, 2020


More time at home means more opportunity for you to design your personal kitchen, bath ::

By Julia Reinert, Martin Communications, writer for New Homes & IdeasEvery year we consider the colors and styles homeowners are gravitating towards when personalizing their new home kitchen and baths. The 2020 season, more so than ever, has given us the most poignant glimpse into how everyday living can affect our design choices.  The global pandemic we continue to experience has resulted in families spending more time at home, altering both their needs and wants with regards to aesthetics, technology, innovative design options and energy-saving features.   Buyers may have also found a little extra time to spend on Pinterest or watching HGTV to get inspired on the design of their new home. “I have buyers that come in af...

Live6 provides patio furniture to small businesses on Livernois to stimulate local commerce

In response to the COVID-19 shutdown effects, my organization, the Live6 Alliance, created a pilot program called Livernois Outdoors to provide patio furniture to eateries and restaurants located on Livernois’ Avenue of Fashion to encourage visitorship to the corridor.  In 2019, the city of Detroit invested in a large streetscape redevelopment project, which slowed operations for a lot of businesses on the corridor. It was a long and extensive project spanning just south of Seven Mile to Eight Mile, removing the center median and expanding the sidewalks in front of the retail storefronts. During the construction period, many businesses struggled to keep their doors open and attract customers.  Patio furniture outside Good Cakes & Bakes at 19363 Livernois. And then in spring, just as b...

An Iraqi teen with autism expresses himself through color. He draws in black since his mother got coronavirus

Nahla al-Nadawi's voice is filled with love as she gently asks her son why the flower he drew is black. © Aqeel Najm/CNN The color black has crept back into Ussayid's drawings. Nahla believes that her son has carried that darkness with him since his father's death. It pains her to have to ask that question. Ussayid, 19, has autism and struggles to verbally express his thoughts, fears, and pain. He does so through colors. "We worked for years to get him away from the black of death," she explains. "But this was his expression of his fear that I would die or that my husband who he considers as a father figure would die."Nahla and her husband Aqil both contracted the coronavirus within days of each other. To get Covid-19 in Iraq means to assume responsibility for yourself, sh...