Hype around the recently reinvented Ford Bronco has been tremendous ever since the official presentation in July, and shows no signs of wearing off. Actually, eager fans of the model just keep on making new discoveries. For example, a few shots of some 2021 painted body frames that were sitting idle in the rain at the Wayne assembly facility have turned into a veritable treasure hunt / mystery adventure.

While people have been very interested in recent off-road releases such as the reimagined Defender or the Hellcat-powered Ram TRX, not even the impending introduction of the Jeep Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer has managed to outshine the latest family of Blue Oval rock-crawling experts.

Which is probably why people are way more attentive to each possible detail – even if this time around we are dealing with simple, painted body frames. Actually, if these were just baren body frames there would have been no mystery to discuss right now. But as the story unfolds it turns out the shots posted on the bronco6g.com forum by one of the users have sparked an interesting possibility.

The pictures that were shared by Dennis C. with the Bronco-loving community initially sparked interest because people lamented Ford’s decision to leave painted body frames outside in the rain. You know, even with paint protection on, water and metal usually don’t mix – as they create a rather nasty natural process called corrosion.

Eager spotters then turned this sad / ironic mistreatment story into a real mystery after noticing that among the official colors (we can see Oxford White, Shadow Black, Velocity Blue, Rapid Red, Area 51, Cactus, Silver, maybe even some Antimatter Blue examples) there was also something new.

Unfortunately, the photo’s low resolution makes it anyone’s guess if we are dealing with a surprise, unannounced color (there are a few options from fans – desert tan / olive / military greenish), or just a visual ghost. Perhaps it is simply a Carbon Gray representative…