Growing up in a squat ranch house in Ohio, I dreamed of moving to the Big City (any big city) and serenading dewy-eyed writer boys on a ukulele from my very own urban veranda. Now that I work at Wirecutter and live in New York — which is cramped under the best circumstances, let alone during a pandemic — I’ve found that wandering into my small outdoor space has many more benefits, helping to alleviate the boxed-in feeling I get from waking, working, relaxing and sleeping under one roof. It’s a restlessness people are experiencing no matter where they live during this summer of quarantine.

A few accessories can help the outdoors feel as comfortable as possible. Whether you have a terrace, a balcony or a sunny patch of cement, here are five things you can buy to make that small outdoor space more pleasure than pain.

To reduce the risk that you’ll drop your phone through the cracks in your balcony or suffer a sore tush from sitting on cement, you’ll want some sort of floor cover.

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