Stairs to the second floor lead to a split landing that branches to the second floor master bedroom, a couple guest bedrooms and to a hallway that looks down over that sunny entryway.

The second floor master bedroom originally was a recreation room.

“That wasn’t quite traditional enough for us so we took this area here, took the recreation room, and made it our bedroom,” Gil said.

Windows in that room feature interior shutters and a balcony overlooks the yard.

Irene’s favorite spot in the house is that bedroom because she had a hand in its design, Gil said.

“She liked the closet for her shoe collection,” Gil said. “She had a 1,000 pairs of shoes. Yeah, she’s into fashion. … She had so many clothes and she started bringing them down and putting them in my little closet.”

The majority of the rooms are not a typical rectangular shape and the upper floor bedrooms feature privacy windows, which fill the room with sunshine but don’t require blinds.

“Why put a curtain when I don’t need to?” Gil said. “No one can see in here but the buzzards and the crows.”

His favorite part of the house is the barrel windows.

“They’re unique,” he said. “Barrel windows and skylights are a challenge, a challenge maintenance wise, a challenge to build, expensive.”

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