Then, in June, she had a spark of inspiration: “I talked to Caissie and said, ‘I feel like there’s a way we can make this about the pivots we all take in life.’ Those were always my favorite episodes of Oprah—people who had transformed their lives based on an idea or a whim or a tragedy and brought them to this other place.” 

Speaking of pivoting: We asked Philipps to share everything she’s watching, reading, buying, and loving these days in our latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves. Read on. 

The bra I can wear all day and still be comfortable

If you’ve been wearing lingerie in the last six months, bless your heart. I’m really, really thrilled for you. But I do love my Warner’s No Side Effects wire-free bra. That’s the one I’m wearing right now. I did a campaign for them, and I was like, I am not going to wear a bra with no wire. It’s not going to support me. You know? And then I got it and became obsessed, especially during the last five months or so. It’s been amazing because I can wear it all day. I’m not judgmental toward how anyone else gets through this moment, but for me, working out, showering, putting on makeup, putting on a bra, and getting dressed in a cute outfit has been helpful to keep me grounded and not going to a dark place in my brain. I didn’t just go for the sweats—I sort of rejected it. 

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Warner’s No Side Effects Bra

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My favorite thing in my closet right now

I just got this dress from Royal Jelly Harlem. It is a Black-owned fashion company out of New York, and this dress is my favorite thing I’ve ever worn. It’s in the washing machine right now because [my family] was like, “Busy, you’ve got to take the dress off.” I posted on my Instagram the other day. I’m very into it. 

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Royal Jelly Harlem “Angeline in Kenya” Dress

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The shoes I’ve been wearing all quarantine 

I love these Rachel Comey shoes. I’ve worn them almost throughout the entire quar. They are these clog wood wedges with a strap—they’re really comfortable and look cute with dresses, so I wear them a lot. 

The next thing on my shopping list

We stayed at my friend’s house in South Carolina for six weeks over the summer, and she has a ton of baskets. Everything gets a cute woven basket—like, she has one on the kitchen counter for all of the dirty napkins and dish towels. Each kid has a basket. So I lived the basket life for six weeks, and I loved it. When I came back to Los Angeles, I realized I don’t have the baskets here that my life needs. They’re not expensive, so I’m getting some baskets. I’m very excited.

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Goodpick Cotton Rope Baskets

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How I self-care

One of my very dearest friends sent me one of those giant heating mats that Gwyneth Paltrow had on Goop. It’s really expensive and insane, but it was my birthday present from my friend. I’m a person that likes to be hot, so it’s nice at the end of every day to lay on this infrared crystal heating pad. I don’t know if it’s doing anything to me, but it feels delightful.