Canales Furniture in Waxahachie held a back-to-school outreach on Friday Aug. 21, bringing more than 200 cars through the parking lot.

The furniture store partnered with First Assembly and Heart and Home ministries to bring free school supplies to the Waxahachie community. Although the event began at 5 p.m, cars lined up in the parking lot at 3 p.m. ensuring a spot in line.

“It’s something to give back to the community..and embrace the community. It’s more like a feedback to the community. That there’s a God..The Lord is here to use us to serve the need, so people can know that Jesus exists,” said Hector Chavez, franchise owner of the Waxahachie Canales furniture location. “That’s the main purpose of all of this. Other than that we have the Canales here and the benefit but we’re really not focused on that. We’re focused more on giving back to the community and serving the community. It’s not about benefiting the business, it’s more about letting the people know God’s in control.”

Canales Furniture is a locally owned and operated store, with 15 stores within the North Texas area.

This was the fourth year the back-to-school drive has been done by the Canales company in North Texas. Canales corporate team members made an appearance, showing their support at the Waxahachie location.

“The one who deserves the credit is the store owner, they put everything together for the community,” said Nelly Canales, a corporate owner of Canales furniture.

Giovanna Villalpando, a member of the Canales corporate team, shared her personal experience with a parent during the outreach.

“It’s really enriching to help the community. It’s really amazing, like I said, when you see someone who is so grateful. I saw this one lady in the car, she was just so grateful she was like, ‘I didn’t know how I was gonna buy school supplies this year and I saw you guys had these signs,’ like I was almost crying,” shared Villalpando. “You don’t really see the impact until someone says that to you.”

Heidi Dollar and other First Assembly volunteers also helped out on Friday.

“I think it was wonderful. We had a lot of cars drive through. A lot of people were very happy to receive the backpacks. I think it was a success,” Dollar said.

“In the short time that I’ve known the Canales family, they have a heart for their community wherever they are and they do whatever they can to try and help,” Dollar added. “About six weeks into the COVID experience, they did a wonderful food outreach. We helped with that also. I think they gave away food to over 600 families back in April or May. They are a very giving company.”

Additionally, three volunteers from Advantage Academy also aided during the outreach, which lasted until 8 p.m, with cars continually passing through.