Bay windows as an architectural feature often delight homeowners with their decorating possibilities. Their expansive size and shape make them a blank slate for all kinds of design accents. Bay windows behind a kitchen sink are especially important to the decor of the room because they are featured where you spend a great deal of time. They are fairly simple to accessorize. The result is a kitchen with visual charm and character.

Live Plants

Take advantage of the large expanse of natural light and use the bay window windowsill to grow and display all sorts of potted plants. Choose plants in different heights to give the grouping visual interest and use ones that are appropriate for the level of sunshine they will receive each day for optimal growing success. Harmonize the collection by placing them in coordinating, colorful pots that mix well with the decorating style and color scheme of the kitchen. Top off the windows with easy, roll-down, rattan shades to further the earthy look. Complete the plant area by adding a large, functional pot of fragrant kitchen herbs in the center of the display for a kitchen bay window decoration with practical style.

Ceramic Roosters

Use the kitchen bay window ledge as a platform to display a Country French- or Farmhouse-style ceramic rooster collection. Roosters are often a quintessential icon of several different types of decors, ranging from Country to French. Their colorful and whimsical nature add depth to any kitchen interior and have maximum impact when they are grouped together in one collection. Select roosters in at least three different heights and choose ones that coordinate with the kitchen colors for a pleasing result. Mix in a few additional items, such as a large rooster-themed teapot filled with blooms or a rooster-embossed cookie jar to vary the collection to create a focal point. Add toile valances to complete the bay window design.

Apothecary Jars

Create a changeable kitchen bay window display by using clear, apothecary jars. Select different sizes, shapes and heights to give the display added interest. Change the contents depending on the season. In the fall, fill the jars with raffia, silk leaves and faux mini pumpkins. Place faux berries and silk green holly in the jars and tie with festive bows for the winter season. Spring jars can be accented with mini faux bird nests and resin eggs. Accent summer apothecary jars with silk flowers or faux fruits. Add neutral-colored Roman shades to the window tops to serve as a backdrop for many different colors and themes.

Elegant Candles

Accentuate an elegant white kitchen with a collection of white and cream candles on a bay window ledge behind a sink. Use white candlesticks in different styles and heights. The color white will unify the varying styles for a luxurious look. Top the candlesticks with battery-operated candles that include timer mechanisms. The convenience and safety that newer battery candles afford is especially appropriate for a busy kitchen sink area. They also can add a soft, nighttime glow to the kitchen, even if you’re not in the room. Top the windows with lace balloon shades for a soft and airy appearance. Add a few crystal bobeches to a few of the candlesticks for additional elegance for a display that is as attractive at night as it is during the day.

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