Adoor (Pathanamthitta): The flower sellers are going through a tough time as the sales of flowers declined in shops with no festivals and celebrations in the present circumstances.

Different types of flowers are essential for temple festivals and wedding ceremonies. But after the lockdown crisis, the flower shop workers are struggling to make the ends meet. They are unable to pay the shop rent and wages to the labourers.

Earlier, the flower shops had sales of about Rs 5000-10,000 a day. Now shops have stopped taking large amount of flowers fearing it would perish if not sold, said All Kerala Flower Merchants Association state secretary Premkumar. As part of reducing expenses, the wedding parties also are buying very low quantity of flowers.

The wedding garland which costs Rs 1000  to Rs 10,000 has been replaced with Tulsi garland which costs Rs 100-200 only. The flowers used for decorating the stage also are not required these days. As people stopped visiting funeral ceremonies, the sale of wreath also is affected.

The flower merchants are expecting that the sales would be restored after the COVID crisis. Flowers are brought from Bengaluru, Hosur, Dindigul, Madurai, Pollachi, Thenkasi and Sankarankoil. After the sales reduced, they harvest flowers only when it is required.

As rains also started along with the COVID outbreak, the merchants said the sales are likely to diminish this Onam season too. They requested that the government should immediately intervene to help the flower merchants who are facing severe financial crisis.