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Imagine a pottery jug brimming with the ambient enchantment and fragrance of fresh cut lilacs taking centre stage on the kitchen counter.

“It’s such a simple thing, but so impactful,” says Feasby. “I like the freedom of just being able to step outside and pick whatever is in season. Especially here in Calgary, we can grow killer lilacs and amazing peonies. Tulips grow really well here as well, as do roses.”

She suggest using what is blooming locally, either from your garden or a local flower market. Pick an over the top flower as a focal point — a peony, poppies, a rose — and then use filler flowers with tinier blooms and greenery to accent. And don’t forget about herbs — flowering dill or borage adds whimsy, greenery and texture to a fresh cut arrangement.

She notes that flowers go with every decor style. “If you choose what is seasonal, it will always look great inside because it is echoing what is going on outside.”

She advocates moving that bouquet of fresh flowers room to room.

“If you buy an arrangement for a dinner party and then don’t eat in the dining room for the rest of the week, you are missing out. Move the arrangement around — to your bedroom or kitchen — so that you can enjoy them,” says Feasby.

And don’t forget about the containers. Pick something that mirrors the esthetic you want to achieve. “Often people get stuck on clear, glass vases, but I love using unusual things like old metal cans, cereal bowls, pottery vessels,” says Feasby.