a room full of furniture: Help keep your focus in your home office with comfortable furniture.

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Help keep your focus in your home office with comfortable furniture.

The home office, once relegated to the design back burner, is quickly becoming one of the most important spaces in the home. But creating a space with bold design, eye-catching style, storage and functionality, not to mention suitable for a suite of family members, can be tricky. With good space planning, the right furniture, ample lighting and an inspirational colour palette, it is definitely doable.

“With kids and adults doing most of their work from home, what we are really seeing is a need for is multiple work spaces within a home,” says interior designer Breanna Lukacsy of Hella Design Studio.

For most of us, though, whether we are living solo in a 400-square-foot highrise condominium or are a family of five in a 2,500-square-foot two-storey home, space can be an issue, meaning often that the floor plan doesn’t allow for a dedicated office for each family member.

The solution, says Lukacsy’s partner at Hella Design Studio, Rehanna Hartung, is to design multi-purposed rooms. Think barn doors, screens, curtains.

“But if physical privacy isn’t possible, we recommend creating some sort of visual separation to delineate your space from another family member’s space. This can be as easy as a desk with calendar, pinboard, or shelves above, adding some of your personality to claim some of that space as your own,” says Hartung.

Lukacsy suggests carving space in older kids’ and teens’ bedrooms for a dedicated desk and school work space, while creating dual-purpose space in the formal dining room for an adult home office. In a small condo, think about how the workspace can do “double duty.”

“Add floating shelves above the desk area and thoughtfully style them with standing file folders, plants and decor, creating both a functional and beautiful space,” says Lukacsy.

“There are quite a few home office pieces out there some that can be tucked up and fold away or a wall mounted desk that doesn’t take a ton of floor space. You can even try your hand at some do it yourself solutions like roughing up some up cycled wood and mounting it on the the wall as a desk ledge,” adds Hartung.

Wanda Weston of Vancouver-based WW Design Studio (she also has an office in Calgary) is also a big fan of dual-purpose furnishings. “Start by doing a big purge and declutter and then add pieces that can do multiple things,” says Weston. At a recent Calgary Fall Home Show she outfitted a small space condo with a kitchen wall desk that also pulled down into a bed.

Other places to source some sleek and compact furniture solutions? For lovers of the mid-century modern look, check out the Montreal-based chain Structube, with two locations in Edmonton and three in Calgary. West Elm and Crate & Barrel are also great choices. And if you are worried about in-person shopping, Wayfair is another alternative with a good return policy. And don’t forget about antique stores, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores and Value Village — all great venues to find office furnishings to upcycle.

“But if nothing else,” says Hartung. “Make sure your workspace has lots of natural light. It has a drastic impact on your productivity and gives you a reprieve from that blue screen.”

Five tips to make your home office irresistible 

  1. Keep the backdrop colours soothing and calm — beige and greige (a blend of beige and grey tones) are back on trend and crisp whites have never left the style scene, so consider swathing the walls in one of these pretty neutrals. 
  2. Add pops of your favourite hue with accessories and art. Bright colours can be distracting in large doses, so toss in some brightly coloured throw cushions, a fun area rug and a modernist abstract acrylic — you can even paint your own, if the creativity muse is calling. Other ways to add colour and texture include adding a feature wall decorated in bold wallpaper or panelling.
  3. Recycle and upcycle. Stay on the lookout for interesting pieces that can be repurposed — a chest of drawers (smooth on some chalk paint and it becomes both a focal point and great storage for office and school supplies), a rustic section of fence — attach it to the wall, the cross beams make excellent shelves, perfect for plants or books, a harvest table or farmhouse table makes a perfect desk and provides enough room for a few family members to carve out a space and burn the midnight oil to complete that work or school project.
  4. Make sure that the space offers plenty of natural light and weave in some artistic ceiling lighting — a fun chandelier or pendant lights as well as plenty of focused lighting. 
  5. Add in greenery — nothing lifts the spirits or contributes to inspiration like plenty of plants — as an added bonus, they also purify the air, while adding the finishing touch to any design style.

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