24th July, 2020 – Founded by Martha Huk whose brain ideas are like mind viruses that get inside people’s heads and her works speak volumes of it. From designing a custom kitchen to the recording studio to mansions, wherever Martha goes, her designs always leave the client’s jaw hanging wide open.

Hedgeford & Berkley Inc. is a turn-key design and build firm that has an unparalleled drive to pair high caliber construction with beautiful design. H&B was founded with an intent to address the need in the construction industry where the contractors were charging high ticket prices yet providing mediocre design. Hedgeford & Berkley is the blend of high-quality building and renovations paired with exceptional and thought-provoking interior design. Martha’s approach to every design is to imagine the emotion she wants to evoke when being around that space. Her style is geared around creating a sense of awe. Martha’s design style focuses on highlighting functionality because according to her if the room does not allow you to do what you need to; you will soon tire of its beauty. She likes to use natural materials such as wood and stone during renovations.

Hedgeford & Berkley assists its customers with higher quality custom builds and renovations using luxurious and breathtaking interior design. Every project they do challenges them in a way that pushes their boundaries with what is possible. Her love for the designs, relentless work ethic, and absolute maniacal focus on winning pushed Martha forward at blinding speed and Hedgeford & Berkley erupted out of obscurity.

“I want every client experience to be like no other. I want our designs to be a knockout and our build procedure to be the smoothest.” – Martha Huk

With a focus on fostering strong client relations and working in partnership with local craftspeople, the Hedgeford & Berkley team prides itself on its work ethic, technical capacity, and drive for client satisfaction.

Each member of the firm’s team is driven towards achieving its mission: to create spaces that inspire clients while bringing them through a stress-free build process. As part of this focus, the team ensures that their clients are taken care of from the initial design effort, the construction planning, and execution right through the final styling. They are also relentless in detail management and never back down from a challenge.

This approach showcases Hedgeford & Berkley’s commitment to the home renovations craft and their clients see this throughout the project. Each project is tailored to the preferences of the client to ensure they receive the solutions and support they need. Some clients want to meet often and collaborate ideas, some just want the firm to take care of it all. The firm’s expert team work tirelessly throughout every project to ensure a satisfactory outcome for their client and then provide after-care support so that they can enjoy their new space.

Hedgeford & Berkley has won several awards and are keen to use these as a platform from which to spring into the spotlight. The company is also in process of creating its own new headquarters, which it intends to use to showcase its flair and creativity.

For more details visit https://hedgefordandberkley.com/ 

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