We all have that inner interior designer that’s trying to nudge her way to the fore and work her charm on our interior spaces. After feeding her with years of en vogue trends, bookmarked pages from interior decoration magazines and celebrity-inspired home décor styles, can we really blame her?

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The right colour scheme can transform your house

Whether you are living in a compact apartment or a duplex, if you are looking to refurbish the whole space or only specific nooks in your home, there are few décor rules you must bear in mind!

Ritam Ray, Head of Design, from Welspun Flooring Limited shares a simple style guide for all the décor enthusiasts out there on how to put together an Instagram/Pinterest worthy space with the right elements!

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Colours play an important role in upgrading your interiors

Colours play a significant role in every space. It is a visual language that commands a certain vibe and induces myriad emotions, ranging from relaxed and comfortable to energised, dramatic and stimulating. Typically bifurcated as warm and cool tones, the former can lend energy and a boost of adrenaline whereas the latter creates a calm and serene ambience.

For a sleek and modern home, choose muted tones like white and beige as the overall colour palette. These colours are ideal for walls and flooring as they complement an array of textures and colours, making it easier to select furniture and décor. Not only does it render a balanced and peaceful atmosphere, it lays the ideal foundation for regal yet chic furniture and décor overlays in ivory, violet and royal green.

If your style is more maximalist and are looking to infuse vitality, then adopt a warm palette. Pick earthy oranges, bright yellows or reds. You can use upholstery in mustard yellow for your living room and combine it with geometric-patterned throws and cushions in brick red. Select décor items like vases, lamp shades, curios, et al in shades of red to match the set up. In order to balance the colour scheme, opt for a neutral hue for rugs and wallpapers.

Tip: Don’t get overwhelmed or carried away with the shade cards. It is important to pick one theme and identify colours that fit it. Using multiple colours that are contrasting can lead to a loud, confusing and overcrowded look. For a room with a smaller size go with lighter shades to provide more depth to it, for a large sized room, play around with colours.

On fleek floors

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Opt for solid wood flooring for a rustic look

Offering a distinct character to every space, floors makes for the most crucial element in the décor scheme. It is the most used surface and the one that you come in contact with first as you enter any space. It is basically the protagonist of your home.

So, bid adieu to the staid flooring options and get ready to explore a vast variety of new flooring solutions that can give your abode a complete makeover, ground up (literally).

Regardless of which design style you opt for, selecting a complimentary flooring is a must! For instance, for a countryside themed abode, opt for solid wood flooring as it gives off a rustic appeal. For a luxe setup, opt for wood laminate, carpet flooring as it lends a rich texture and mood to the setting.

If you are looking to curate New York styled contemporary abode, you can opt for natural stone flooring such as limestone, granite or marble. Bring a touch of Santorini to your abode by embracing the alluring beauty of mosaic tiles for your bathrooms and hallways. And no matter the theme of your abode, you can always incorporate faux grass flooring in your balcony to bring in that outdoorsy appeal.

What’s more? The technological innovations for flooring solutions have transformed the industry. It offers engineered and look-alike flooring tiles that come in a wide variety of finishes like wood, marble, vinyl and ceramic. With the same aesthetic appeal, these flooring options offer a lot more convenience and material benefits whilst fulfilling all décor requirements and creating a lasting impact.

You can also explore the concept of Fusion Floors, which is a unique combination of hard and soft flooring, depending on its use. Here too, you can experiment with the different styles and bid farewell to the carpets that end up covering your floors.

Tip: As floors are the foundation of any space, ensure the rest of the elements are in tandem. For instance, if you have opted for floors with a dramatic pattern edging towards the maximalist theme, downplay the other elements in your room and let the floors do the talking.

When lighting strikes

The furniture, furnishings and other décor elements in your space reflect your personality. The choice of the right lighting for the desired space will not only illuminate it but will also help in setting the right mood. After designing the layout of the room, decide on the corners where you will place the light fixtures. Make sure that your space has the perfect combination of both natural light and ambient light filling up the space!

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The size and colours of your light fixtures can transform your house

The size, style and colours of your light fixtures play a major role in transforming the look and feel of your interiors. For instance, for wide spaces, enliven the dull corners with quirky floor lamps and table lamps.

Alternatively, for compact spaces, opt for hanging light fixtures as they allow you more free floor space. Further opt for lighting basis the mood of the room; you can use bright hued/ white lights for your study and living room, and soothing or cooler lights for the bedroom.

With a variety of solutions available, select lights that match your theme. For a modern living room, opt for contemporary floor lamps with in-built storage options and cluster hanging lights as ambient lights. For a vintage themed study room, opt for intricately detailed table lamps and floor lamps with colonial chandeliers.

Tip: Avoid completely opaque curtains and dark walls as it makes the space look compact and no amount of lighting will be able to uplift the ambience of the room. Opt for bright-hued window panes instead of darker shades as it reflects more natural light in the room. Avoid tier-chandeliers in compact rooms as it makes the room look stuffy. Remember, too much lighting can make the space look artificial and hostile! 

Follow these simple guidelines to upgrade your home to make it the beautiful and peaceful environment it was meant to be.

(Images credit: Ritam Ray and Shutterstock)

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)

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