Since it’s a careful balance of these elements, you could use some tips to be able to achieve the final look, and this is what this article is about. So let’s start with the first tip.

Meaningful Pieces                   

The pieces you choose is at the heart of this theme décor. Whenever we buy new furniture, we usually want something that looks brand-new, never touched before, but this is quite the opposite of picking pieces for a farmhouse look. Now, don’t go purchasing broken pieces of furniture, but do look around for something old with a meaning, or use family heirlooms.

Typically, these pieces have a value, but it doesn’t have to be in the price. For instance, an old table turned into a rustic coffee table has a different value than buying a new coffee table. It’s highly likely that if you rummage through your parents’ or grandparents’ homes, attics, and basements, you’re going to find a piece of furniture or accessory that you could use. Look at the details of that piece and try to see how it can be used in your own home. Even more importantly, find out the story behind that piece because this is where the value comes in. Another perfect place to find rustic pieces would be in a thrift shop, for instance. 

Reclaimed Barn Wood               

Barn wood is a staple of rustic design. While there are the obvious things barn wood is used for, such as doors, floors, tables, and chairs there are also a lot of not so obvious things you can incorporate wood into. 

For instance, a plank or weathered reclaimed wood can make a fantastic headboard for your bed. And for something beautiful to look up at while in bed, you can have high wooden beamed ceilings. You can take it a step further and add a rustic ceiling fan which would be a simple addition for an ideal sleeping space. For a combination of airflow and lighting, rustic ceiling fans can be in wood or a mix of wood and steel or other metals, such as pew. 

Using reclaimed wood is the perfect answer, especially if you’re on a tight budget. From kitchens to bathrooms, you will find many areas in your home that uncomplicated and inexpensive wooden additions will change bland décor to an inviting and warm appearance.


Most homes are not all vintage, but you’ll certainly need a few vintage pieces to get the right rustic look. The farmhouse look isn’t all new or all old; it’s a mix of old and new items. If you want to go bigger with vintage, consider pairing a new couch with vintage chairs, or the opposite, new chairs with a vintage couch. If you prefer small touches of vintage, think of the lighting around your home. 

There might be places where you’d rather use lanterns, for instance, than modern, edgy lighting. The statement, vintage artwork is another way to go. Knobs and handles on doors, drawers, and kitchen cabinets is another idea on where you can add touches of vintage pieces. 

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