As a newbie to home renovation, we try our hunting from QANVAST. We received 5 free quotations from QANVAST with our prerequisite input. It wasn’t an easy task to meet up with all 5 IDs to translate our dream into reality. We are thankful to get to know QANVAST.

After meeting with all 5 IDs, we finally found the ID that we are looking for – Jason Loo from D5 Studio Image. We decided to put our dream home in his good hands.

I think “Perfectionist” will be the most appropriate word to describe Jason. Occasionally, he will come up with new idea and he will explain the benefit behind his new idea. He might need to some extra work but he was happy to do so, just to meet his job satisfaction craving. This further convinced us that we made a right choice.

Me and my wife were both busy at work most of the time, Jason kept us updated about the renovation progress and share photos with us while the renovations is progressing. We trusted him so much until we only step into our unit twice during the entire renovation with his request. The reason behind this was to let us experience and get a minor involvement in the whole renovation. He was so kind and volunteered to help us to receive our furniture / domestic appliances at home, so we can save our leave for future used.

We were impressed on how he go through in detail on space utilization maximizing that we never thought it’s possible. What makes him outstanding and different from others was he dare to challenge or oppose to our idea, and propose his idea / design / layout that convinced us.

Some of our friends shared their not so happy experience encountered during their renovation and they don’t believe how lucky we are, when we shared our renovation experience. The common complaint from them, renovation is very tiring, from choosing tiles, choosing the sanitary ware and have to choose these helplessly without any guidance from ID. We were blessed when looking back to our renovation experience with Jason. Tiles selection were completed happily in less than half a day with his professionalism help on site. Sanitary ware purchases took us only half a day with 100{3e0544090c75b66d16c3eca4d142e2092ea98ee5f79f18046a1f13abafab9023} help from our great adviser side by side. To our friends, renovation was painful. To us it was fun, full of surprises and excitements.

He is honest, sincere, realistic and practical. He provide practical advice to make sure every corner is practically useful yet blend into his design. Before the contract is signed, he sincerely highlighted to us that nothing is perfect in renovation and there would be minor hiccups here and there. He then assured us not to worry as this is part of his job and just leave it to him. All we have to do is just sit back and relax, he will solve all the problem and we will not get disturb if nothing is major. True enough, everything was so smooth throughout the renovation. Once all dust had settled, then he start to share what were the challenges here and there, and how he corrected the issue. Another brownie point for Jason, he had exceeded our expectations, judging from how smooth and fuss free our renovation journey is.

What first started out as a typical customer and vendor relationship had evolved into friendship now. I am sure there are many capable IDs out there who also can provide good workmanship. However the ability to work as a good team for the renovation and able to freely share your ideas or concerns with your ID is utmost important. Jason had shined through in this aspect, with his down-to-earth attitude and his professionalism.

We are amazed as Jason had exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the homely renovation with human touch at every inches of our home. Definitely, we will go back to Jason again for his expertise in future.

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