The fragrance of your home undoubtedly impacts the overall feel and entire ambience of your space. A pleasantly-fragranced home will create a calm vibe in your space and offer a heavenly sensory experience that everyone will enjoy. As we all are spending much more time indoors, it is fitting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that has the power instantly lift our spirits and make our rooms much more habitable. From scented agarbattis to diffusers, there are a plenty of varieties for home fragrance, and here’s what we recommend for Indian homes:

The incense sticks from The Aroma Factory disperse a soothing scent and come packed in a reusable bottle. This set consists of the incense sticks infused with the fruity fragrance of green apple and pineapple and earthy sandalwood. These fragrances will rejuvenate your senses and provide a much-needed calm indoors. These incense sticks are made with natural essential oils and have no charcoal content.

These herbal incense sticks will surely make your home a place filled with a soothing aroma.

This reed diffuser set in a soothing shade of mint green would function as a an accessory as well as a fragrance. Natural or synthetic essential oils get absorbed by reed diffusers kept inside glass jars a the reeds then release the fragrance into the room. This set is based on the fragrance of fresh linen, a fragrance that is mild and pleasing.

A reed diffuser takes an hour to spread the fragrance in the room and needs to turn upside down every week or so.

Tea light diffusers use the flame of the tea light or candle to disperse scent into a room. The reach of these burners is good and if placed at strategic points in an open space, they can help a large space, such as a formal living room, become fragrant in about 10 to 15 mins. This elegantly designed diffuser set features three sensory and fragrant oils, namely, apple Cinnamon, radiant Orchid and Caribbean Breeze.

This diffuser set comes with three complimentary tea lights.

Apart from adding warm glow and charm to whichever setting they are introduced to, candles are one of the oldest and most effective ways to make your home smell nice. Once lit, it takes a decent quality candle an hour to spread the fragrance which will linger for another hour or so till the candles are snuffed. Candles need to be placed carefully in safe spots to prevent any mishap. These jasmine scented candles come in a set of four and packed in a colourful box that makes it ideal for gifting.

These candles will exude a soothing fragrance that will enrich the surrounding of your home by bringing the beauty of the flowers indoors.

Sprays are one of the more popular methods of infusing a scent in a room. Fragrance sprays can come in form of mists or pressurized cans and work best for rooms with proper ventilation. Sprays work effectively to mask other odours in the house like from the kitchen or the bath. Stronger the smell that you want to eliminate in a space, more the number of sprays.

The biggest advantage of sprays is that they work immediately.

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