DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – While stuck at home, it seems more and more people are hitting the home improvement stores.

“I have to re-do the bathroom, re-tile it, rip it out. It started leaking. It went bad over the years. I put plastic up for the past few months but due to this happening I’ve held off on it but now I got to get to doing it. Things are starting to get bad,” said Mark Icker of Throop.

While some are doing large projects, others are taking the time to fix small things.

“I’m using for, if I don’t change the filters I won’t get any water in the house. And we just did our shopping, our grocery shopping so when we’re down this way we’re doing two things at once,” said Tom Noto of Clifford.

Some stores are limiting the number of people that are alowed in at a time, creating long lines outside. Eyewitness News asked people what they have been seeing while out and about.

“Everyone is wearing a mask, everyone is wearing a mask and cooperating. Everybody is clean. This place was always like that even when this first started. People were respectful of boundaries. No one hassled, everybody’s polite,” said Icker.

Many are enjoying the time for home projects but are eager to get back to their normal everyday routines.

“I’d rather be working. Honestly I’d rather be working. As old as I am I’m going to work until I die and I enjoying doing it too,” said Icker.

“We miss the camaraderie, it used to take us two hours, we would sit at the buz bar, see all our friends, now we have to call them on the phone. We’ll be glad when we can get back to that,” said Monica Noto of Clifford.

For those looking to go to any store for their at home projects, it’s important that you don’t forget your mask. They are now required inside businesses.

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