Painting your home interior is one way to make your home more livable for yourself and your family. A fresh coat of paint may also make your home interior more appealing to future buyers. When choosing paint colors for your home interior, begin with your personal preferences. For rooms with complex color schemes, consult a color wheel to determine which colors are complementary. For an inexpensive paint job, do the work yourself to avoid paying for a professional. However, for extensive paint jobs or projects that will require lead paint removal, it might be beneficial to work with a painting contractor.

Research interior painting techniques and ideas. Browse online galleries, such as the ones offered at “House Beautiful Magazine.” Keep track of any ideas that appeal to you or seem especially appropriate for your home. Make a portfolio of photos and articles that offer inspiration or painting tips.

Visit your local home improvement store. If you want to coordinate your paint job with furniture that you already have in your home, bring a sample piece of fabric from each room that you want to paint. Use the store’s color matching machines to create a matching paint sample. If you don’t have furniture yet, browse the paint section and bring home plenty of paint samples for future reference.

Evaluate room dimensions and lighting. A smaller room may appear cramped if you paint it with dark colors, whereas a large room may benefit from multiple, rich shades. Likewise, a dimly lighted room requires a lighter color scheme, whereas a space with ample natural lighting may seem too spacious if it is painted in light colors.

Use architectural features to enhance your paint job and improve the overall room appearance. As noted at This Old House, painting architectural details such as a wainscot or crown molding is an ideal way to add dimension to the room.

Choose colors that will be appealing to any future buyers. This doesn’t mean you have to use a neutral color scheme. Adding an accent wall, for example, is one way to add character and dimension to your home interior while still offering resale appeal. If your priority is to increase your home’s curb value, avoid dramatic paint jobs with an eccentric palette of colors.