The pandemic has more than just a few people scrambling and looking for answers. Schools are beginning to reopen, and more than one has already shuttered its doors because of contact with people with the COVID-19 virus.

While it is difficult to protect a family and loved ones in public even with personal protective equipment, it would make sense that the home would be one place where safety is all but guaranteed.

Those living with someone with the COVID-19 virus are certainly taking as many precautions as feasible, including necessary social distancing, hygiene and sanitation. However, there is one part of the home that is often overlooked and could be a helpful ally in the fight against having the virus spread.

The home HVAC system does much more than simply heat and cool a home. The system regulates humidity and, importantly in times like now, filters out potential allergens and infectious particles that could include the COVID-19 virus.

Valleywide Cooling, a local HVAC system service provider, has the best suggestion to help protect a family, business or commercial location against potential exposure to the virus. Changing and maintaining the home air filtration system is a huge step in keeping airborne particles from entering other parts of the home.

A well maintained HVAC filter keeps the system running as efficiently as possible. As particulate material is caught by the filter, it begins to clog. As clogs form, it becomes more difficult for the HVAC system to perform, straining the system and raising the home power bill. Proper replacement of the air filter keeps this from happening.

Valleywide Cooling stresses to everyone the importance of health, safety and well being during this pandemic. They also recommend regular air conditioning maintenance and changing the air filter monthly for best defense against the COVID-19 virus and the other potential harmful particulates that move through the HVAC system.

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