• Mercedes-Benz partner Alphavan created a Sprinter-based camper van with a “rear garage” space that can alternatively be used as a children’s bedroom.
  • The tiny home on wheels has separate defined living spaces, including a seating area, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and the rear under-bed FlexPort that can be used as a garage or room.
  • The Alphavan is available for order in Europe, but the company is now looking into plans to bring the camper van to the US.
  • Alphavan starts at around $145,920 without tax.
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Alphavan created a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based camper van with a rear under-bed “garage” space that can alternatively be used as a children’s bedroom.

Alphavan, a Mercedes-Benz partner, was founded by three people with different backgrounds and specialties: Tobias Buhmann is the CEO of “interior solutions” company GETA, Stefan Krause is a technical and design “mastermind”, and Philipp Wex has been working for Mercedes-Benz for the past 18 years.

According to an interview with Krause and Wex, the idea of using a Sprinter as the Alphavan camper van base was a no-brainer for the Germany-based company.

“I think Mercedes is currently one of the best vehicles you can buy for a camper,” Krause told Business Insider. “It’s more expensive than a Fiat, but if you compare the driving between Fiat and Mercedes, there’s a big difference.”