Gratitude lists and the small details: Toadstool door Knocker via Instagram

Okay so I am not going to lie, since my last post I have been caught up in a bit of an existensial funk……… and after promising to post more havent really been in the headspace to do so….

 When everything is ticking along nicely I float from my little family to college , work to outdoor spaces, cups of tea in cafes to the Buddhist centre to mooching around charity shops (thrift stores). Its not very exciting but simplicty works for me and keeps my mind steady.

Small deatils, Star door handles

Now the rug has been removed, like everyone else I have become a little unsteady….. and for a little while abadndoned (or forgot) my tools to calm my mind. Maybe I just needed time to ruminate, think of poor outcomes for my loved ones and worse case scenarios at work (a nurse in the hospital)…… they could be released, captured and analysed, labelled, passified and then put safely in a box and stored.
I am at the passified stage right now…….making the desent down from the clouds. Spring is in the air and new life is budding, I have my happy, bouncy, sensitive little boy home for the foreseeable, which feels like such a luxury….. building dens in the trampoline and cuddling up with a book under a blanket is pure heaven. The little fruits on my citrus tree are turning orange. The skys are clear without the airplanes flying in and out of Bristol airport. I have some wonderful friends…. and have discovered Zoom and Skype……..

Moon door handle

Simply…….. it is all in the details. It is the small moments that matter, the little wins. The sunshine pouring in through the gap in the curtains , the autumn turning the leaves warm orange and the sound of stepping on the crispy frost on the grass. I am so glad I am rembered. So grateful for……well….. gratitude lists.

I would love to hear some of your gratitudes, either on here or on Instagram, if you would share…

Little bells
Antique Greyhound door handle
Mid Centuary Doorplate

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