Pamela Lutrell in Work at Home Style

From fashion to office décor, I am loving my working at home style.  Though I still take time to fix up every day, I do not have to look as tailored or professional as I did when I was actually going into the office.  I feel like the looks I am putting together these days are more Pam-style than I had been in the last two years during a typical work day.

Chico’s artisan collection for January 2020 had so many pieces in it that I was drawn to, but I waited and picked them up when they were on sale.  This Brushstroke Tee is a combination of metallics and in my wardrobe, it will get a lot of wear.

Today, I am styling it with a long gray duster I picked up at Stein Mart perhaps a year ago…it is very light weight and I love the “current vibe” of it.  I have it on with my snake print leggings, and black leather sneakers from Rockport.  The sneakers add a youthful touch.



Over 50 Feeling 40 discusses personal style in Chicos tee

I could wear this without the third piece, but there is something about it I really like.  So many third pieces catch my eye.  Our heat isn’t oppressive yet, so I can wear this comfortably now and I believe it speaks my style messages of intelligent, strong, approachable, current and creative.  This tee looks great with a blazer too.

I know it isn’t that “springy” but this is something I can wear a little now and bring back out for fall. The top was so affordable that I will definitely end up with a low cost per wear.

If you are a fan of Chico’s, make sure you sign up to be a Passport customer (which is free) and to for their texts.  The text spur-of-moment sales are where you can get some advance notice of low pricing and some of the items go quickly. 



Pamela Lutrell styles with mixed metal bracelets

When I saw the mixed metals on the tee, I knew to reach for mixed metals in my bracelets.  This just made it more fun and the way they wear, I can keep them on while working on my computer!


Flowers on desk of Pamela Lutrell

I still need to hand pictures in my office, but I have needed to do that for a long time.  I bought the hangers, finally.  But, I decided something this week…if I am going to spend so much time here now, then I want flowers and candles when possible.

I did go to the grocery yesterday…with a little apprehension…but just could not walk by the floral department without these daisies and white roses in my cart.   They have made my work space so happy.  At home I face a window and in the old office, I had no window…so this is quite enjoyable to see the sunshine or a thunderstorm. 

Donna asked on Instagram about my tile dress form…another find from Goodwill San Antonio!  Can’t wait to get back to thrifting again.


Thank you for everyone who joined in the conversation about my hair yesterday.  I am always amazed at how passionate this topic is for some ladies.  I do enjoy reading what you have to say.  I am really kind of excited that so many of you were on TEAM LONG. I thought everyone would be on TEAM SHORT.  We will see what happens.  My hair salon is inside of a fitness center so I will not be getting back in there for awhile…you guys will see here first hand as the saga goes on. 

This questions is really for those of you living in cooler climates…how long will you be styling your own looks with a third piece?  Please share your favorite way to wear a long sleeved tee shirt.  Then stay home…stay safe….and

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  Stay safe…and



By Pamela Lutrell

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