“Today we’re announcing that the November 3rd general election will be held through vote by mail. I will be signing an executive order today to implement this decision,” Murphy said.

Governor Phil Murphy’s announcement came as Republican President Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on voting by mail, which is expected to increase dramatically this fall because of the coronavirus. Trump and his wife, nonetheless, requested absentee ballots for next Tuesday’s primary election in their adopted home state of Florida.

Trump has said the voting method is susceptible to large-scale fraud, though experts say voter fraud of any kind is extremely rare in the United States.

Video Transcript

PHIL MURPHY: So today we are announcing that the November 3 general election will be held overwhelmingly through a vote by mail. I will be signing an executive order later today to implement this decision.

Additionally, our new online voter registration system will be up and running effective September 4, giving new voters an added ability to ensure they get registered. All of us recognize the importance of this year’s election. Ensuring that every voter has the ability to securely cast their ballot while protecting public health is our paramount concern.

The recent primary election gave us the opportunity to see what worked and where we could make improvements to this kind of election. Here in New Jersey, we saw increased participation– the second highest state primary turnout in history. And that was behind a primary for the presidential election in 2008, which was still very competitive by the time it rolled into New Jersey.

Results here and across our nation showed that making it easier to vote does not favor any one political party. But it does favor democracy. No voter should fear for the sanctity of their ballot. Every voter should have cast their vote knowing that safeguards and procedures are in place to make sure their voice is heard.

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