One of the names associated with Hawaii’s construction industry is that of Patrick Shin. He is recognized as a top construction contractor, as he is the founder of Nan Inc. and is also a well-known philanthropist. His company is the largest general contractor in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is locally operated and owned. He established the company in 1990 and in these thirty plus years, Nan Inc. has expanded from a small operation to a large-scale one that handles multimillion dollar projects. If you have any doubts, all you have to do is look at the certificates, awards and accolades the company has received over the years.

This will clear them up right away and you will know that Nan Inc. is not just any construction company. There have been false and untrue lawsuits about Patrick Shin and his firm, which are nothing but an attempt to besmirch the reputation of the company and its founder. As a matter of fact, you will find that Patrick Shin is a hard-working individual, who single-handedly founded his construction company and worked to make it the success it is today. It was his dream to become an entrepreneur, one he spent years working on.

He had come to the US from South Korea, where he was known as Nan Chul Shin. He started fresh with a new name i.e. Patrick Shin and attended the Bowling Green State University on a football scholarship.  He did his majors in business administration, after which he went to Hawaii. Here, he got a job in a construction firm where he spent two years. When he left, it was to establish his own firm and that’s what he did. There was still a long way to go for him because he didn’t have much resources available and could only hire one employee.

His first construction project at Nan Inc. was installation of a road sign, but he followed his principles of integrity and quality. He used the same for all projects that came his way, whether big or small, and this helped him in developing his company’s reputation quickly and effectively. The outcome is the respect and recognition Nan Inc. has today in Hawaii’s construction industry. Their workforce now comprises of 600 people who are all experts in their tasks and are capable of delivering the best construction services. Patrick Shin fulfilled his dream of making a contribution to Hawaii’s future and the community.