While decorating our home, we pay keen attention to every corner of the abode. We try our best to adorn all parts of the space properly to enhance the look. But we often unknowingly avoid the entrance of our house. The front door is one of the most important parts of a home and it needs to be decorated in the right way. As your guests would first see this portion, you have to make it impressive.

When it comes to front door decoration, plants work wonders. They make the area lively. If possible try to opt for flower plants for your entrance. So, here are some plants that you can place near your front door.

Front door plants to enhance the entrance of your house:

English Ivy

If you have a shady entrance, then English Ivy is the best for you. It’s a trailing plant that can even frame your door.


If there is a lot of sunlight near your entrance, then go for petunias. The flowers will make your front door look vibrant.

a pink flower on a plant

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Umbrella Tree

These plants prefer bright indirect light and warmer temperatures. You can also prune it to have your desired shape. But don’t forget to rotate it frequently as it grows towards the sunlight. And when temperatures start to drop, you have to take them indoor.

Boxwood Topiary

Make your entrance look more classy with a pair of Boxwood Topiaries. They are low-maintenance and good for cold weather as well.

Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina, a trailing plant with low-maintenance, is another great idea for the entrance. You should place it in a slightly shady place because its stripes on the leaves tend to fade.

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