NEWARK, NJ — PSE&G will be working in Newark to replace nearly 27 miles of old gas pipes. Construction is slated to kick off in August and last until December 2021.

According to a news release from PSE&G, work will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., and some Saturdays, weather permitting.

The gas main replacement portion of the work is expected to take place through December 2021 in various locations across Newark. Residents will be notified when work begins in their area by door hangers and social media. Customers can find more information, including a list of streets and video of how the work is performed at

The upgrades are part of PSE&G’s five-year program to replace 875 miles of pipes and other gas infrastructure improvements in New Jersey through 2023.

“Like aging roads and bridges, all infrastructures need to be maintained – and eventually replaced – to preserve its integrity,” said Michael Gaffney, senior director of PSE&G’s gas system modernization program.

“PSE&G has 3,600 miles of cast iron pipe, more than any other utility in the country, and the majority of those pipes have been in the ground for decades,” Gaffney said. “After all that time, cast iron and unprotected steel pipes can crack and corrode. The new durable plastic pipes will improve reliability, reduce the possibility of leaks, and ensure the continued safety of gas service for customers.”

Customers with questions can contact [email protected] or 1-833-661-6300.


According to PSE&G, before construction can start, the utility tests soil and digs test holes to verify the location of existing gas pipe. When this preliminary work is complete, PSE&G will begin installing the new gas lines.

The company stated:

  • “To upgrade the gas lines, we dig trenches, primarily in road surfaces, and lay new pipes block- by-block to minimize disruptions. At the end of each workday, the trenches are filled in and protective plates secured. Customers will always have access to their driveways.”
  • “After new gas lines are installed, PSE&G technicians need access to customers’ homes to replace service lines and gas meters and connect them to new gas mains. If a meter is located inside it will be moved outside of the home. We contact homeowners to arrange a date and time to do the work. During this reconnection, affected customers can expect to be without gas service for about four hours.”
  • “Once a gas meter is moved outside and/or service is connected to the new main our technician relights all appliances and makes sure they are working safely before leaving a home.”
  • “During this in-home/on-property work, PSE&G technicians will be wearing personal protective equipment and will maintain physical distancing throughout the appointment. We ask customers to allow technicians access through the nearest entryway in proximity to the meter set location.”
  • “When work is finished, we repair roads with temporary pavement until the project is complete and the ground settles. Grass areas that are disturbed are repaired with temporary dirt. Later, grass areas are repaired and seeded. Roads are restored with permanent paving in accordance with town ordinance and paving requirements.”

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