When you want to add add beautiful splashes of color throughout the home without the fuss needed for real flowers — think silk instead. Improved materials and manufacturing techniques have made silk flowers much more realistic and beautiful than in years past. In addition to attractive floral arrangements, you can make silk flowers into decorative wreaths, swags or garlands. As a decorating staple in Shabby Chic or Cottage styles, silk flowers make lovely embellishments for vintage and antique decor.

Supplies and Decor for Silk Flowers

The basic supplies needed to make floral arrangements and to modify silk flowers for embellishments include containers, floral foam, wire cutters, a hot-glue gun and filler material such as floral greenery, moss and rocks. For best results, spend the most on the silk flowers, especially since an inexpensive container cannot be seen under a full bouquet of beautiful flowers. Re-purpose old, antique or vintage items found in your attic or basement, in yard sales or at a flea market as containers for silk arrangements or attach the flowers to items you want to display.

Color Schemes for Silk Flowers

Color schemes take much of the guesswork out of combining different colors of silk flowers in floral arrangements, wreaths, swags and embellishments. An artist’s or designer’s color wheel can help in color selection; find them at most art supply and craft stores. A monochromatic scheme uses flowers in varying shades and tones of the same color. An analogous scheme includes groups of neighboring colors on the color wheel such as red, yellow and orange. A complementary scheme employs flowers in colors opposite each other on the wheel, such as violet and yellow. Color wheels can also help with more advanced schemes that include tertiary colors, which are a mixture of primary and secondary colors, such as blue-green or red-violet.

Headboard Embellishments

Do-it-yourself headboards made from old or vintage items have become a trend in decorating. A clever idea for a twin bed starts with an old fireplace surround as a substitute for a headboard. A pretty vase with silk flowers or a candle nestled amongst silk blooms make a lovely addition on the surround’s built-in mantle. Embellish old doors, shutters, window frames, ladders or a room-divider screen fashioned into a headboard with a silk flower swag or wreath. Intertwine a combination of silk flowers and silk ivy through a wrought-iron headboard or hang garlands of silk flowers from a twisted branch mounted behind the bed.

Shelves, Decor and Furniture

Silk flowers add color and interest to wall shelves and bookcase cubbies. Display them standing in vintage vases or containers. Fill glass containers with just the blossoms. You can find wall sconces, pockets or little wire baskets designed to hang flowers on the wall. Add silk flowers to baskets or containers used on top of cabinets, bookcases or wall ledges. Attach them to a vintage birdcage, clock, mirror or picture frame for a shabby chic look. Blooms attached to silk ivy or vine garlands can be used to embellish stair railings, arched doorways, window frames, ledges, shelves, china cabinets, baker’s racks and hutches.