The Best Type of Plants for Office Workspaces

Most office environments are usually dull. Plants can help to bring life into the office and decorate the work area. Other than beautification purposes, plants have numerous benefits when placed in offices. Indoor plants in offices can provide several advantages including air filtration, improved concentration, can separate working areas, and they can morph into a go-to place to relieve stress and meditate. Because of these reasons, it is essential to discoverthe best indoor plants for your office.

Below are examples of the most suitable office space indoor plants and their growth requirements.

  1. Snake plant

This plant has a long-life span and is likely to survive for years. Before selecting this type of plant, it is advisable to check on its varieties since they grow to different sizes. Some types grow to dwarf length while others grow to several feet above. These plants are best for people that are new to keeping indoor plants and require minimal attention. They can be placed on the office desk and watered from the drinking water bottle once in a while.

  1. African violet

These indoor plants grow in the same environmental conditions that are favorable to humans. They require average temperature and humidity. When blossoming they require an adequate amount of lighting. They can however use any source of light including light from fluorescent lamps. They should not be placed in direct sunlight and do not require much space, making them suitable for the office.

               3. English Ivy

They require an average amount of water and medium-light to flourish indoors. They are trailing plants and can be effective in softening office desk hard lines. They exist in different sizes that grow and spread with varying foliage.

  1. ZZ plant

This is a popular house plant because it has a high tolerance for low light and can survive with minimal watering. It has laddered leaves making it appealing for an office environment and its stems and foliage look amazing when placed against a white background.

  1. Aloe

Aloes grow well when exposed to enough bright light. It is a succulent plant type and does not need frequent watering. They are suitable for modern office desks and require an excellent drainage system while growing.

  1. Philodendron

This plant has glossy leaves and is a trailing plant. It adds cheer to office space and is preferably grown on hanging baskets. They need a sufficient amount of water regularly.

  1. Tillandsia

This type of plant does not require a growth medium such as soil. They exist in numerous species. They do not require much light and may need to be moistened weekly to allow their leaves to absorb water.

  1. Oxalis

Oxalis plants have a splash of color before and after they blossom. They can grow well under low humidity and bright light. The shamrock-like appearance makes them suitable for decorative properties in an office setting.

  1. Rex Begonia

These plants create an aesthetic appearance in office spaces. They have properties that make them look like jewels with fun features such as different shades, veining, and speckles. There are several varieties, each require low light and adequate watering to strive in an office environment.

  1. Lucky bamboo

The stems of this plant can be shaped into hearts, weaves, or spirals. These plants have a slow growth rate and thrive well in low light conditions. They can also grow with or without a soil medium, they just need to be submerged in water.


The selection of the type of plant suitable for office space is key. Not all species of plants can survive under the conditions of office space. Plants have varying growth requirements especially those of light, temperature, and humidity.