The current trend is “less is more.” Buyers want everything minimalistic, light, bright and airy. They want volume ceilings; open space; minimal draperies and furnishing; orientation to the yard; lots of wide glass doors disappearing into the wall pockets and opening to a patio or yard furnished as a natural extension of inside. Comfort, simplicity, workspaces, open kitchens and places for everyone to hang out are top priorities.

Different ethnic groups have ways of decorating their home that might be suitable based on customs, where they come from and their comfort. Perhaps you grew up in Europe and are used to things that are formal with ornate detail. That might be the basis for decisions you make when you design your own home. If your home has an Eastern European, Italian or Mediterranean look, it might be suitable for somebody who has that taste but not somebody who wants modern, chic or contemporary. The same goes with exterior landscaping, gardens and patios. You can get ideas of what people are craving today by looking on the Houzz website.

Not everyone has the same taste, but young people seem to be going in a certain direction, particularly young people who are groomed toward the American beachlike lifestyle here in Southern California. If your taste is beachy, then you’re not going to like Mediterranean. On the other hand, if you grew up with a formal lifestyle, you may have a craving for that and be offended by the beachy look. At the end of the day, there is no debate on what is right and what is wrong, but there are trends that always lead the market.

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