While we are a few years away from the pandemic lockdowns, decor trends are still influenced by that time. Since there were very few places to go, the home became a personal island escape. Yet, even long after those times, the trends that emerged then are still dominating home decor this year. Here are some trends dominating homes this summer, including those still trending post-pandemic.

Blue, and Lots of It

During the pandemic, travel seemed to be a romantic dream. Soaking up the sun on a beautiful island beach was out of the question as most public places, including beaches, weren’t open to the public. So the beautiful blues of oceans and seas became trending colors, particularly in warmer months. This trend continues this summer as most people incorporate turquoise and indigo into their home decor in wall paints or accent pillows. Although these are the top trending hues of blue, just about any blue color will do.

Colorful Decor

The trend of bold, beautiful colors during summer isn’t much of a new trend. Summer is the time of the year in which nature displays some of the most beautiful bold colors in vegetation. So it’s no surprise that homeowners are bringing the outdoors in by incorporating bold pops of color into their decor. Beautiful oranges, lively pinks, and other outstanding colors are trending this summer. They are some great colors to use when decorating your home this summer.

Neutral Tones

Although bold pops of color are on trend this summer, this doesn’t mean that you have to follow the trend, especially if you aren’t a fan of bright colors. Another option you can choose from is neutral tones. These include beige, gray, brown, black, and white. If you want, you can throw a few bright pillows or throws onto your neutral couch or bed to get into the spirit of the season. Otherwise, sticking to these colors is still a trend this summer.

Indoor-Outdoor “Revolving Door”

No, you don’t have to build an actual revolving door on the entryways of your house. But an interesting phenomenon that is emerging this summer is that there are blurred lines between indoor and outdoor living. During the summer, with its warmer, longer days, homeowners want to take in all the pleasure the outdoors offers. So, this sometimes means arranging your home and backyard so that they seamlessly flow into each other. Some people do this by orienting their furniture to face the outdoors. Others install picture windows to enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature. Another booming trend is creating sunrooms to extend their homes into the great outdoors.

Comfortable Outdoor Space

While some homeowners are enhancing their indoor space to enjoy more of the outdoors, some are taking the indoors outside. Gone are the dreary, uncomfortable patio furniture that serves more as decor than as actual seating. Instead, homeowners are going all out to create comfortable outdoor spaces that feel just as relaxing and comfortable as indoor ones. Some are investing in elaborate outdoor kitchens, which could improve your home’s appraisal by giving you 71 percent ROI (return on investment). Consider including items in your outdoor kitchen like flooring, appliances, comfortable seating, countertops, landscaping, cabinets, and awnings. Outdoor spaces are becoming a second kitchen for many homeowners, giving them a gorgeous space to entertain outside the house.

Indoor Plants

Many people are starting to grow indoor plants continuing with the theme of an indoor-outdoor revolving door. This is another activity that the pandemic seemed to spawn. Isolation from other people encouraged homeowners to take on the activity of growing indoor plants during the lockdown. This doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. Those with a knack for growing plants chose to grow various indoor plants. But you don’t have to have a green thumb to include plants in your decor.

Some homeowners who want greenery in their homes choose indoor plants that are very low maintenance. These include bamboo, money trees, succulents, peace lilies, and snake plants. You don’t have to know much about growing plants to keep these types of plants alive because they require very little water or sun. Just a little TLC from time to time will keep these plants looking great in your home.

Other very low-maintenance options that some homeowners choose are plants that aren’t alive. This is because some homeowners fear that they can kill “unkillable” greenery. Others want the greenery but don’t want to attract bugs or are allergic to certain plants. In such cases, they opt to get beautiful silk plants that look exactly like the real thing, without the maintenance and disadvantages of taking care of natural plants.

One more option that homeowners are considering is murals and hanging art that depicts plants. They are choosing accent walls to paint elaborate florals or even choosing wallpaper with beautiful floral patterns. This is certainly one way to bring the beauty and colors of the outdoors inside without bringing in the stinging, biting insects.

Gold and Bronze Accents

Although metallics have never really gone out of style, gold and bronze are starting to reemerge on the scene in a big way. Homeowners are adding decor with a touch of these metals, such as mirrors, hardware, lighting fixtures, knobs, coasters, candlesticks, and more. You can expect to see this trend continuing this summer.

Curvy Furniture and Accessories

If you want to go with the trends this summer, consider moving away from straight lines and rectangular shapes and choosing curvy ones. Round tables, curvy couches, and oval-shaped vases are more fluid and relaxing.

While some of these trends may not be here to stay, many are great options if you want to take a walk on the wild side with your home decor this summer. If you plan to sell your home, staging it with some of these ideas will show your potential buyers that you are keeping up with the latest decor trends. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard and incorporate all of these summer design trends. Whether you are selling or remaining in your home, a few pops of color, a plant or two, and a few new curvy pieces of furniture can help you get in the spirit of summer 2022.