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Versace Home collection 2020 will comprise three signature lines — Virtus, Medusa Carezza and The Medusa — for every living space.

The Versace Home collection can be effortlessly exemplified using three words — glamour, sophisticated and distinctive. It is the embodiment of Versace’s Italian codes that are defined by the emblematic Medusa head, geometric lines and gold tones.

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The allure of the Versace Home collection, defined by a sense of effortless glamour and the brand’s signature emblems including the ‘V for Versace’ translation.

In the same vein, the new Versace Home collection features exceptional furniture that combines luxury and interior design to suit the ever-changing demands in luxury living. This time, the Versace allure is translated into a lifestyle concept through statement pieces for the bedroom, living room, dining area, library and office.

Three key lines anchor the latest release. The sophisticated Virtus line — identified by the iconic Barocco V hardware festooned with acanthus leaf accents — is crafted from luxurious woods, marble and leather. Bearing the same spirit of carrying the coveted Virtus handbag, the furniture pieces exude similar feeling of grandeur with sleek lines, gold-tone accents and plush upholstery.

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Details from the Virtus collection evidently depict the ‘V’ emblem.

But it is the Medusa Carezza collection that truly embodies the brand’s storied heritage gloriously. Denoted by Medusa-shaped details and outlines, the range features curved lines accentuated with gold-tone hardware. Expertly crafted, key designs are complemented with leather, velvet and patterned jacquard silhouettes. Here, the Medusa-shaped illuminations become the backbone of the collection’s design identity.

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Gold-tone hardware anchors the Medusa Carezza collection.

When it comes to office space solutions, The Medusa collection comes in with a strong point of view. Again, the mythical woman makes her presence felt with a pulsating sense of glamour that’s translated in both literal and abstract manners. Crafted in cinder wood, the bold office line features a desk and chairs enriched with leather and golden Medusa decor.

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The Medusa line is a series of office furniture that fits both classical and contemporary spaces.

Mixing the heritage with the modern, the mythology with pop culture, the innate Versace quality is intrinsically captured with grace and elegance. The attitude is clear for Versace Home and even in this latest drop, the brand continues to speak the language of elegance and sophisticated living through furniture pieces that are essentially valued for its timelessness.

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