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There are numerous ways to enhance and fill the blank walls of your room. For eclectic interior design, almost anything can be wall art. Items can range from decorative plates, straw hats, musical instruments to old window frames and not-to-forget the actual framed art. Inhabitants also tend to make their art with individual artistic ability—or go for the widely-available printables and posters. While art can take many forms, the classic appeal of framed paintings is not completely lost. Here are a few wall decor paintings for your home-

Paintings and portraits of divine deities bring a spiritual vibe to the home along with adding to the aesthetics. This detailed imagery printed on a vinyl base is perfect for a living room or bedroom. This painting will add an interesting focal point in a subdued room. This painting is essentially a digital art form on vinyl and is available as framed art that is done on 7mm Heavy MDF Board.

The panels come with hanging clips for easy installation.

Digital art makes it easy to incorporate and enhance all kinds of artforms and this art piece glorifies the Mughal era and its style of art. Paintings play a big role in introducing colour into a decor space and this elegant art will definitely help in the same. This artwork is printed on 200 GSM art paper. The size of this painting is 22 inches by 30 inches.

The painting is available unframed and can be customized as per the decor of the house.

Probably one of the most common themes for paintings, still-life paintings of flowers, fruits and even plants have been found in the home since time immemorial. Be it the abstract art nature that has bright pops of colours or the more poetic, rendered in watercolour ones, flora and fauna look beautiful near window sills and even in bathrooms.

This print has a very stunning and aesthetic appeal and would look beautiful in a hallway or at the entryway.
Find it here.

Framing tapestries and other Indian textiles is another way to add character to any room. Whether it’s in form of the original fabric or a look-alike painted on paper, the intricacy of Indian textile paintings will charm all audience.

Warli art, Madhubani paintings, miniature paintings are some of the ancient art forms that can be a part of your home decor and would be a beautiful ode to the eras they prevailed in.

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While art collectors may digress, digital art on paper or canvas has become a popular choice for its availability and affordability. Adding a burst of colour and character to the most boring of rooms, this flamingo print will easily become the focal point of your small apartment bedroom.

Bathrooms are basking in the new-found attention of designers and adding art to those walls would give them a personal and homely feel we all look forward to in our living spaces.

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