Friday, October 30

What it’s like to be a New York University student living on campus right now, from a mandatory 2-week quarantine in a dorm room to a $100 Grubhub gift card for meals

Akpovwa’s quarantine suite is the same room she’ll be in all year. She currently does not have a roommate. She says it was hard to tell how full the dorms were with quarantining students in late August, because everyone kept to their rooms.

During the two-week quarantine, students were expectd to stay in their individual rooms. They were not allowed to walk around or go outside.

“Quarantine means not leaving your suite, except for testing. So for food and all that, they have runners that bring up food to the front of your door, three meals a day. If you have packages, they bring up your packages to your room, too,” Akpovwa said.

Students also had to submit two negative COVID-19 tests before being cleared to attend in-person classes and being allowed to enter any NYU building. “The day you arrive, you have to get tested. Then seven to nine days afterwards, you get tested again,” Akpovwa explained. “I was tested the first day I arrived, and then again a week later.”

The testing center is set up outdoors in front of one of the school’s buildings, Akpovwa said, in pop-up tents staffed by healthcare workers.

At the time she spoke with Business Insider, Akpovwa had just gotten her second negative test result, and was ready to start classes the following week.