Please outline the rules/guidelines that govern motor vehicles and these markings. If you have shared this previously, please repeat for us who don’t always pay attention. Steve B.

Steve: Green street paint is popping up in more places throughout Rochester, and it is indeed related to bike safety.

Green pavement paint made its Rochester debut last year on Fourth Street Southwest and is used to indicate areas where vehicles and cyclists need to pay extra attention to avoid conflicts. It marks areas where cars may cross bike lanes as they enter traffic and where bikes may be approaching when drivers want to make a turn to another street.

The Federal Highway Administration has designated green as the standard color for bike lanes and boxes, which provide a space to increase visibility of bicycles at intersections.

Since the first appearance of the green paint in 2019, it has been seen in other areas of the city as new bike lanes are installed or others are updated. It can mark areas of potential conflict and where motor vehicles shouldn’t linger, so bikes can safely pass.

The general rule is to remain alert where the paint exists, since it’s frequently used where cars will cross bike lanes or visibility might be an issue for everyone on the road.

As far as white lines, your question is a bit vague, since white paint has been common on city roadways for years, if not decades.

Generally speaking, solid white lines are in place to provide guidance for anyone using the roadway. In the case of bike lanes, they indicate where bikes are to be expected, even though bicyclists have the option to merge into traffic lanes when needed.

As new techniques continue to emerge in the effort to raise awareness where cars and bikes share city streets, Public Works staff has been testing options to see what works best to address safety concerns for all on the road, so it’s difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to driving or biking on Rochester’s streets.

That said, common decency calls for caution from all who are using city streets, and the green and white paint help indicate where extra care is required.

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