Disney World has plans to re-open next month, but chances are you’re missing your favorite park foods and treats right about now. There are tons of Disney-themed foods you can order straight to your door online, and Once Upon A Vine wine is yet another way to make life at home a little more magical.

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Once Upon A Vine is a line of wines you can typically buy at Mickey’s Pantry in Disney Springs. At The Best Wine Store, there are three different types of Once Upon A Vine wines available online. Better yet—all three are currently on sale.

First up is The Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc, which is flavored with tropical fruits in mind. Each sip gives way to passion fruit, guava, and pineapple, the description reads. This wine is best paired with white meats like chicken or poultry and fish. If you prefer red wine, The Big Bad Red Blend has berry and plum in the flavor profile and is great for pairing with beef or lamb. Finally, A Charming Pinot is the ideal medium-bodied bottle to go with herby roasted meats.

All three bottles are typically around $13, but The Best Wine Store is currently offering them at just $11. That means a bundle of all three comes out to right around $33 before tax or shipping.

The flavors alone are great, but the bottle designs are also a huge selling point for Disney fans. Each bottle’s label depicts its name perfectly, with a glass slipper falling off a foot, a wolf hiding behind trees, or a vibrant crown. These wines are a sophisticated way to show off how much you love Disney, and paired with Mickey-shaped cheese boards and princess dishes, an entire themed dinner seems inevitable.

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